Allow 1Q music to quiet the mind

IQ Music is designed to calm your nervous system, re-balance your physical, mental, and emotional health and bring you into the present moment through simple listening & breathing to IQ music. Whether you want to relax or desperately need more sleep, IQ Music has the right sound journeys for you. IQ music is specifically composed to calm your sympathetic nervous system while activating your parasympathetic nervous system. Go from fight or flight to balance & calm.

IQ Music Videos

Relax by the Ocean. Imagine you fill your bathtub, add in a little of your favorite bath salts, light a candle or two, put your drink beside you. Click & play your downloaded version of “Relax by the Ocean”. Listen & follow the 2 minute soft belly breathing allowing your monkey mind to quieten for the next 10 minutes of calming music. Now imagine your favorite ocean spot and allow yourself to be transported there. Enjoy this moment. Why? Because you can.

Relax in the Forest. When your mind is over-active and both your body & mind are feeling tense. Just go to a quiet space, click & play your downloaded version of “Relax in the Forest”. Listen to the 2 minute breathing journey and allow the following 10 minutes of instrumental music to transport you to your favorite restful place. Enjoy this moment. Why? Because you are worth it.

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