Ancient practices for these turbulent times, simple and deep, staying supple, grounded and resourced through the winds of personal and world change

  • Start Your Morning with a 2 minute spine exercise to strengthen your back in order to to carry your daily responsibilities with greater ease. Wake your eyes up using a proven system of medical Qi Gong.
  • Energized and calm through dance and music, opening your heart to new possibilities.
  • Rejuvenate – breath, mind, body through a simple ‘Diving into Oxygen’ exercise.
  • Uplift Your Spirits when Stuck in Traffic or on Your Commute: listen to these relaxing, feel good folk-soul songs whenever you feel stress. Go to the IQ Music page.
  • Quiet the mind with IQ Sleep guided music– Enter a deep sleep by listening to the one Hour guided IQ Sleep Well Music tracks or 57 minutes of unguided instrumental music.

Tips for relaxation

Check your posture.Where are you breathing from,upper body or lower body. Are you grounded, are your feet kissing mother earth. Just take a quick moment and scan your body. How do you feel? Then lift the sides of your lips & smile.

Bring Speaker, Musician & Storyteller – Qi Gong Master IQbal Ishani

to one of your events to bring energy and focus. Known as the Gypsie chill master, IQbal uses a modernized 5000-year-old system of medical Qi Gong and IQ Live Music to help people achieve a state of calmness, groundedness & energy. For more information or inquiries, please contact IQbal Ishani at [email protected]