Qi Gong on-line Workshops: (in development)

As a certified teacher of Medical Qi gong, my on-line workshops  will teach a series of longevity exercises, called balance, breathe & chill. These are exercises which I have adapted for our western cultures especially our faster living pace, our environmental toxins, and our ever changing world full of negative stress, anxiety and poor sleeping habits.

In the second on-line course I would like to teach you to strengthen your spine and lower back.

The third on-line course is to teach you ‘passive Qi flow’, which I call “in stillness lies our strength’

Benefits :

1) Deeper, more restorative sleep

2) Increased energy, including sexual vitality

3) Staying more agile in body, mind & spirit

4) Whole body exercises for young & old

5) Movements for keeping your lower back strong

6) Clearing Toxins

7) Better movement and suppleness during your daily routine

8) Exercises to keep fit while you are working

9) “In the inner stillness lies your strength”quote from Iqbal

Tips for relaxation

  • Check your posture
  • Where are you breathing from,upper body or lower body
  • Are you grounded, are your feet feeling mother earth
  • Just take a quick moment and become aware of your body. How do you feel?
  • Lift the sides of your lips & smile