Exercises from Qi Gong & Yoga, staying supple, grounded & improve balance.


Story Telling

Stories about the winds of personal and world change



To release tension, quiet the mind, re-balance & enhance sleep

In a world that’s increasingly busy by the day, women find it difficult especially when they have to juggle, work, motherhood and trying to have a life outside of their home. Taking time off to relax may also be difficult because things have to keep moving. Welcome to Digital Retreat; an eBook by Iqbal Ishani that seeks to help women take off the pressure without having to lose too much out of their day. This eBook will guide women to release tension and pressure with exercises from Qi Gong and Yoga, giving them tips on staying supple, grounded, and improving balance.
The eBook includes interesting stories about the winds of personal and world change that will help one to get a different worldview. These are stories that have been inspired by Iqbal’s experiences living and working in different parts of the world and different cultures. As if that is not enough, Iqbal also includes beautiful music in his eBook that will help to release tension, quiet the mind, re-balance & enhance sleep.

When I first entered the room, I was a ball of stress from a long day at work but by the end of the session I was much calmer and more centered.

About Me

Iqbal Ishani was born in Kenya, of Indian parents, was raised across Europe, won a scholarship to Germany in his teens after being a safari guide. Has a 22-year long career in German State TV, ARD, ZDF, BR, Pro 7, Reuters and many world wide productions.