Exercises from Qi Gong & Yoga, staying supple, grounded & improve balance.


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To release tension, quiet the mind, re-balance & enhance sleep

In the whirlwind of today’s fast-paced world, juggling work, motherhood, and personal life can feel like a high-stakes tightrope act. Who has time to hit pause when there’s a mountain of tasks looming overhead? But fear not, because Digital Retreat swoops in like a superhero, courtesy of the brilliant mind of Iqbal Ishani, to rescue you from the chaos and bring a slice of serenity to your day.

Picture this: you dive into this treasure trove of tranquility, and what do you find? A smorgasbord of soothing exercises drawn from the ancient arts of Qi Gong and Yoga, ready to whisk away your worries and melt away tension like snow under a warm sun. But wait, there’s more! Alongside these bliss-inducing practices, you’ll uncover golden nuggets of wisdom to keep you flexible, grounded, and as balanced as a tightrope walker with a stellar sense of equilibrium. Ready to step into a world where relaxation reigns supreme? Dive into Digital Retreat and let the adventure begin!

When I first entered the room, I was a ball of stress from a long day at work but by the end of the session I was much calmer and more centered.

About Me

Iqbal Ishani was born in Kenya, of Indian parents, was raised across Europe, won a scholarship to Germany in his teens after being a safari guide. Has a 22-year long career in German State TV, ARD, ZDF, BR, Pro 7, Reuters and many world wide productions.