Iqbal Ishani’s life story is like something straight out of an adventure novel! Growing up in Kenya to Indian parents, he spent his early days guiding safaris—a true wild ride. Then, as a teenager, he won a scholarship to Germany after his time at Kenya Utalii College. That was just the beginning!

Diving headfirst into the world of German State TV, Iqbal spent a whopping 22 years working with big names like ARD, ZDF, BR, Pro 7, and Reuters, leaving his unique mark on productions all across the globe. And that’s not all—besides his broadcasting adventures, he also pursued his passions for music, film , and holistic health.

With the gift of gab in six languages, Iqbal isn’t just a communication powerhouse; he’s also a certified medical Qi Gong Guide.

Fast forward to today, and Iqbal is onto his next big thing, listening to his heart and soul as the author of film stories and e-books like “Digital Retreat.” This eBook isn’t your average guide—it’s a journey, filled to the brim with wise tales, soul-stirring tunes, and refreshing exercises. His films and stories beckon readers to take a deep breath, unwind, and embrace longevity in mind, body, and spirit. Ready to join him on this epic adventure?