IQ Balance Sleep like a Baby – FIRE

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In the element of Fire we should calm the body and the over active heart & mind. Since this element is dealing with the tongue we will be guided to relax the jaw & especially our tongue and of course our major organ the heart. This in our research has show to be very effective with people who are been under stress and need to quite down, nap & lower their body & mind temperatures. Listen to a sample from this CD

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IQ Balance Sleep like a Baby

By Iqbal Ishani

Listen to a sample from this CD:

Energy and matter become one through the manifestation of Qi through the five elements: WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL and WATER. Together these elements represent the foundation of our existence, the totality of our being. Wood is in the East and the season associated with it is spring and the organs are the Liver and Gallbladder. The element of Fire is in the South and the organs are in our heart and small intestines. Earth is present in the elements that holds the body and spirit together with our bones, nails, hair and skin. Metal is in the west and in our bodies Lungs and large intestines. Water is present in our blood, in our glands and our kidneys. The five elements together correspond to our five senses: vision, taste, touch, smell and hearing. It is vital that we connect our senses with these elements in order to be able to optimally interact in our own environment.

This IQ Balance system of ‘Sleep like a baby’ will help you let go of your over active mind, reduce stress & anxiety through pressing specific meridian pressure points, allowing you to relax and deepen your breathing thus send more oxygen to your brain which is simultaneously being bathed in these specially designed acoustic binaural music waves so that your mind, body and breath can start doing its regenerative cellular healing work while you relax and sleep like a baby.


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