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Anger Release; Please do not allow anger to remain in your body, it can harm your liver. So let this quick release aid help you to let go of your anger and bring you back into the present moment with a fresh start.

6 minutes 49 seconds

$1.97 CDN (Download)

Anxiety / Worry Release; let anxiety and worry go wherever you are, just download this quick release onto your phone/pad and allow the journey to begin. 10 min 17sec  $1.97 CDN (Download)

De-Stressing for Working People; have you had one of those crazy busy, hectic days at work. Just download this quick release and feel yourself being brought back to a new presence. 6min 54 sec  $1.97 CDN(Download)

Gathering Energy/Grounding Yourself; sometimes one picks up strange energies and you feel drained of energy, take a moment to down load this quick release to ground your inner and outer balance.  7 min 44 sec  $1.97 CDN(Download)

Road Rage; know that feeling when someone cuts you off or you want to get to your destination quick but people start driving you mad, here a  Quick release fro you. 2min 36 sec  $1.97 CDN(Download)

Just take a Moment, Sing & Smile; when you feel the kids are creating more stress then you need in that moment, just download this song and sing along and of course invite everyone to sing along. 3min 13 sec  $1.97 CDN(Download)

Stress Release; stress can cause real damage, well here is an easy solution for you. Just listen and allow. 8min 13 sec  $1.97 CDN(Download)

“Focus” Music CD; you know those moments where you are starting to feel tired, just download this Music CD onto your  phone, lap-top and just listen to the guidance and instrumental music to revive you even while you drive or at your work place or even at home. $9.97 CDN(Download)

Focus in 9 minutes – good for regrouping your energy when you are feeling tired. The binaural tones awaken the body no matter what you are doing.

9 min 07 sec.

Full Albums – hardcopy or download

“Inner Smile Qi” Music CD

For pure relaxation after a crazy/busy day at work,  also great for Qi Gong, Yoga, your personal Massage music and for quite Meditation.

$19.95 CDN (Hardcopy)

$9.97 CDN (Digital Download)

Instrumental with a short awareness guide at the beginning.

Inner Smile Qi is instrumental music for total relaxing your body, mind & spirit. Good for taking ‘ME Time’ to meditate, massage, bathe & breath, to re-tank, & just let go. Warning this CD may totally relax you. 1hour 04 min 04 sec. ©IQbal/Socan

“Sound Journey” Music CD

Calming, healing world music for Balancing Natural Energy Patterns.

$19.95 CDN (Hardcopy)

$9.97 CDN (Digital download)

Vocals & Guitar plus world instruments,

World relax music with calming vocals, great for when you are driving or had a hard day and just want to gently heal yourself & let go. Helps calm & balance natural energy patterns for heart, body & soul. 45min 43 sec. ©IQbal/Socan


“Sleep Well Journey” Music CD

If you can not sleep at night don’t start working on your computer or watching TV, eating/drinking or pill pushing just close your eyes, listen and let me guide you into a deep relaxation.

$19.95 CDN (Hardcopy)

$9.97 CDN (Digital Download)

Instrumental music plus a short guided breathing exercise at the beginning used for restoring natural sleep patterns and deeply calming your soul with gentle binaural tones. Warning this CD may put you to sleep. 1 hour 58 sec. ©IQbal/Socan

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When you are tired and want to continue working, listen to focusA sleep aid for youWorld music to relax in 6 languages.






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Product III

How Poor Sleep Patterns Affect Your Well-Being

Because our modern way of life is bombarded with so much information and we are living life at such an accelerated speed, we have become the most stressed out people ever to have lived on the planet. Sleep problems are directly related to our levels of stress in our environment.

Insomnia has been defined as a difficulty falling asleep, and/or staying asleep, or disturbances in sleep patterns that result in inadequate amounts or quality of sleep.

Those with insomnia typically experience:

– Sleepiness
– Fatigue
– Poor concentration
– Decreased alertness and performance
– Muscle aches
– Depression
– Over-emotional states (tension, worry, irritability)

IQ Balance realizes that the secret to great sleep can be as complicated as the reasons your not getting enough sleep. That’s why we have created a system to help ease you into a deep, restful and natural sleep.

Preparing for sleep is the most overlooked issue regarding sleep problems. In designing the IQ Balance Sleep Well Kit we have provided 7 simple steps using Qi Gong meridians and certified natural herbal products to help you find the deep relaxation and mental quiet necessary for sleep.

Following the steps and listening to the binaural wave patterns embedded in the music of the CD will help you find the sleep patterns you deserve.

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