IQ Cultivate Energy

Ancient practices for these turbulent times, simple and deep, staying supple, grounded and resourced through the winds of personal and world change

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  • Start Your Morning with a 2 minute spine exercise to strengthen your back in order to to carry your daily responsibilities with greater ease. Wake your eyes up using a proven system of medical Qi Gong.
  • Energized and calm through dance and music, opening your heart to new possibilities.
  • Rejuvenate – breath, mind, body through a simple ‘Diving into Oxygen’ exercise.
  • Uplift Your Spirits when Stuck in Traffic or on Your Commute: listen to these relaxing, feel good folk-soul songs whenever you feel stress. Go to the IQ Music page.
  • Quiet the mind with IQ Sleep guided music– Enter a deep sleep by listening to the one Hour guided IQ Sleep Well Music tracks or 57 minutes of unguided instrumental music.

Bring Speaker, Musician & Storyteller – Qi Gong Master IQbal Ishani
to one of your events to bring energy and focus. Known as the Gypsie chill master, IQbal uses a modernized 5000-year-old system of medical Qi Gong and IQ Live Music to help people achieve a state of calmness, groundedness & energy. For more information or inquiries, please contact IQbal Ishani at

Check out the ebook: The 21 Gifts of the Energy Teacher.